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Fabrication Products Inc., the Owner secured Derrick Swerhone, Avalon Architects to layout this 11.28 acre industrial site with (5) separate buildings, associated parking, loading facilities and landscape design. The main building, bldg. #1 was designed for the Owner’s steel fabrication business with a total of 23,160 sf, including a 1,560 sf office area. This building operates with (8) 2-ton jib cranes and (2) 4-ton overhead cranes. The other (4) buildings, (2) at 6,625 sf and (2) at 10,600 sf, were designed as factory industrial moderate hazard structures flex spaces. The 10,600 sf buildings can be sub-divided into (8) separate tenant spaces while the 6,625 sf buildings sub-divided into (5) separate tenant spaces.

Minnehaha Corporate Center

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