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Mike and Linda Livermore needed additional storage and work space for their active lifestyle. Their property is located in a secluded Marion County rural estate setting. The project was a new detached Shop/Storage building on their existing property. They needed storage for their camper and boat, additional household storage, and a shop area for Mike and a quilting studio for Linda.

The program required a very tall 18’ clear floor to ceiling height on the main floor for the recreational vehicles, at two bays. The additional height allowed for an additional mezzanine area over the quilting studio area. Mezzanine is dramatically

The architectural massing & profile is reminiscent of an architectural carriage house, with an agricultural aesthetic, compatible to the setting. The new building site location was determined by the existing site access and setback requirements. Maximum natural daylight access was achieved through high dramatic first floor windows and skylights. A 300 SF upper level “hay loft” element serves as additional storage and or a bonus room for a variety of activities.

The site was challenged with an existing septic system which limits and restricts the number and location of plumbing fixtures. The project does provide a restroom/ shower room and food storage”root cellar”.

Mike served as project manager

Main Floor      2,200 sf
Mezz Floor         300 sf
Upper Floor     1,277 sf
Total                3, 977 sf.


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