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Location: 13215 SE Mill Plain Blvd., Vancouver, WA

Chuck’s Produce Plus is a proposed specialty retail grocery store, featuring fresh local produce. This proposed facility will offer on-site food services with an ice cream shop, coffee bar, full service deli, and artisan bakery with associated customer seating area. Other proposed departments will be meat & seafood, dry goods, bulk foods, and outdoor nursery sales. Other features are a gift shop, wine shop and lecture room for culinary lessons.

Derrick served as prime consultant throughout the project. The process was the transformation of this existing  60,000 sf “Dry Good” retail building into a unique specialty full service grocery. Our design professionals were intimately involved in all aspects of planning and design, from exterior elevations, interior décor, right down to the produce bins.  The portion of the building occupied by Chuck’s is approx. 40,000 sf, with an adjacent tenant space of 20,000 sf, also completed by Swerhone.

Chuck’s Produce

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