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Whale Watch Development is located just north of the town of Depoe Bay, Oregon along the highway 101 corridor. The 51.03 acre site is partially zoned C-1 (commercial), within a 400 foot strip adjacent to highway 101 with the remainder of the site zoned R-1(residential). The topography is steep on the eastern third of the site with slopes up to 26% in some areas, approx. 250’ above sea level. The upper areas of the site have unobstructed views of the Pacific Ocean. The western third of the site is lowland, with the land between these two areas with some slope and views.

Derrick served as project architect and planning, involved in all aspects of this mixed-use planned unit development. This PUD proposes a mix of single family homes, townhomes, community center, parks, a commercial district, and a landmark hotel. Two large open spaces are planned with multiple smaller open spaces. The largest open space has a perimeter trail and traverses a small stream in the riparian zone.

The plans as laid out by Derrick meets all criteria set forth by the Depoe Bay Planning Commission and ODOT; access points, lot sizes, setbacks, open space, parking, street requirements, densities and height restrictions, etc. We prepared all material for submission and presentation for final approval by the Planning Commission and attended all public hearings.

The final densities on this 51 acre area as follows;
Single Family Homes 145
Townhomes attached 88
Retail 33, 427 SF
Hotel 78, 784 SF

Whale Watch PUD

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