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Derrick was the prime consultant on this exciting project for Hood River, OR. planning and designing all aspects of this proposed development. This mixed-use site is located on a 27.7 acre site on the western edge of the City of Hood River.

The development is anticipating approx. 150 residential units. The plan provides an environment where people can live, work, and play with approx. 8 acres of associated green space through reduced lot sizes. Residential lots range from 5,000 SF to the smaller 2,000 SF Townhouse lots. Homes are located following the site’s natural contours, with view s and solar access. The home designs area consistent with a rustic NW style, with timber and stone.

Four types of residential properties are proposed for this development. Homes, approximately 2,400 SF – 2, 100 SF for detached, with 2,000 SF attached duplexes and townhomes, for a total of 13 acres in residential development. The plan provides pedestrian connectivity through a series of walking and hiking trails, with water features, parks, and retail opportunities as designated.

The commercial/retail components are located on approx. 5- acres at the northern end of the property adjacent to the new County Club Road alignment. Retail is located on the ground floor with professional offices and personal services generally located on the upper floors. The commercial buildings are orientated with massing placed to create a “Village or Main Street” pedestrian environment, with plans for a 5,000 Sf brew pub. A service road runs directly to the north of the commercial/retail district for truck and delivery access. Vehicular parking is handled curb side and screened with berms and landscaping from adjacent residents.

Village Green PUD

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