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Derrick has been providing architectural services to Oak Grove Residential Care Facility over the past twenty years. (Fig. #A)


The initial project was to assist Janus Youth Services the convert an existing 8,200 sf former mental health facility into a Juvenile Crisis Residential Facility (CRC). (Fig.#B)

A CRC is a juvenile intervention facility, in which to triage and detain, at non-adjudicated risk juveniles up to 72 hrs. This initial project consisted of tenant improvements, with the addition of a confidential intake office, large classroom, dayroom, security, and administrative offices.

The CRC was a relatively new state facility designation, with an accompanying rigorous set of architectural standards. The residents were not in absolute lock down, with no physical intervention permitted, but rather through the philosophy of slowing and impeding flight through counselors, alarms, delay release exterior door / window locks, and non-scalable fencing.  (Fig.#C)

Shortly after opening the CRC, Daybreak Youth Services, committed to sharing the facility to serve as a Juvenile Alcohol & Drug Treatment Facility (ATF). The ATF, an established state facility designation, was regulated under a separate category regarding architectural standards.

This required a 1,115 sf addition, a dayroom and counseling offices. (Fig.#D)


The facility needs increased to both non-profits, with a 1,238 sf classroom and council offices at the CRC, 1,050 sf of additional sleeping rooms for ATF, and an expansion to existing dining room and kitchen area. (Fig.#E)


Most recently Derrick provided services to Daybreak to improve facility counseling services.

The areas included in this remodel are both required and preferential. New counseling offices, acoustic treatment of existing office, improved circulation, and new exit doors are required. Demolition of the existing linen closet and the addition of new linen closet is to improve the line of sight of staff to residents. The scope of this tenant improvement project is in response to concerns raised by State of WA regulatory agencies regarding privacy and confidentiality within counseling and therapy rooms, and individual admissions. . (Fig.#F)

This 10,330.00 SF facility is currently operating in Vancouver, WA. The facility is owned by Janus Youth Services, which roughly occupy one half of the facility for a Crisis Residential Center for youth, and lease the other portions of the building to Daybreak for their operations. The two programs share the Dining Room, and occupy on different schedules, the two programs do not interface with each other.

Derrick provided schematic designs to Daybreak for a new co-ed ATF to be located at a different location. (Fig.#G)

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