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Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church

Life and Teaching Fellowship Center

Highland Seventh-day Adventist Church is a well established church facility located on the Highland campus, Portland, TN. The church serves the local community plus provides  enriched community life through an established Highland Elementary School Campus.  The building committee retained Swerhone Architectural to explore design alternatives for a much needed additional community multi-purpose room, expanded administrative offices, and Sabbath school classroom spaces.

We worked closely with the church’s building committee in developing a functional program, adjacency studies, circulation needs, and preliminary construction budget.

12,500 sf Life and Teaching 2-story Addition

A-3, E, Occupancy

The proposed 12,000 sf center will be a new detached 2-story building, interconnected to existing  16,500 sf church.  The new addition will be required to be a separate structure, protected by a 2-hr fire separation barrier, at the existing church.  The Architectural design uses a 800 sf glass foyer, the transitional space from the existing worship sanctuary, and the new community fellowship center, complete with a fellowship hall, administrative services, and much needed classroom spaces. The foyer is more of a “family room”,  a temporary staging point for various ministries, activities, and community outreach opportunities. The 2, 000 sf “fellowship hall” is complete with state-of-the-art audio/visual presentation, commercial kitchen, and it’s own designated entry, for evening performances and meals. ect!


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