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CDE has chosen Derrick to design a transforming make over for this former auto service station. This starkly elegant industrial building offers high ceilings, heavy timber trusses, and skylights that provide an aesthetically perfect setting for it’s new use as a dance studio. This well-established dance troupe will provide modern, jazz and ballet lessons in the three new studios. In addition to the studios this 10,000-sf facility is provides showers, dressing rooms, prop and costume storage, retail sales, and private offices. The project also provides for two retail shops for lease to separate tenants. The CDE studios are currently under construction.

Columbia Dance Ensemble (CDE) is an existing 10,000-sf building at the corner of 17th Street and Broadway, Vancouver. The project consists of a 1,085-sf and 820-sf specialty retail shops along Broadway, with the balance of the building, 8,450-sf main floor dance studios with associated functions and a 525-sf second floor CDE office.

CDE provides ballet, modern and jazz dance classes to their students at an existing Vancouver location. The majority of CDE classes are typically available weekdays late morning, after 6pm or on Saturday. Currently CDE has approximately ten afternoon classes starting before 6 PM spread throughout the week, the majority of these end after 6 PM. These classes average fewer than ten students. CDE currently has only one weekday morning class which starts before 10 AM, and that has only 3 students.

The project has brought a most traffic into the downtown during off regular business hours.

Columbia Dance Studio

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